Monday, December 27, 2010

Run, Bike, Scoot!

Friends invited us to run and bike and scoot around their new, empty business space.

I think we needed it!

Running in a Winter Wonderland

Snowbirds sing, are you listening?
On the trail, snow is glistening,
A beautiful sight,
She's happy tonight
Running in a winter wonderland

In the meadow, labby's ear's are flapping,

Snow clumps to the trees just like glue

I say see the sunshine on the mountains

It's shining way up high there just for you!
Later on, I'll conspire, to run more miles
before I tire
To face unafraid the choice that I made
Running in a winter wonderland!

Scenes from Christmas Morning

Friday, December 24, 2010

Dear Santa,

This is serious business!

Christmas Photo Shoot


For the Dads...

While exchanging gifts the other night, Maren mentioned that we had nothing for the dads.
Maren decorated the bags and I stuffed them with fancy beers.
How could we forget the dads?



Jedi Battle

Maren made a "half blaster-half skyrider." I am told Sadie made a "blaster."
Notice the wing-controlling yarn option on Maren's model.

"What are you doing Sadie?"
Mom, I am putting on my seatbelt!
( Duh!)
Maren's control panel.
The skyrider-blaster shoots "ship-exploding bullets, like Star Wars."

Stuffies in the Bed

Maren loves to read every night before she goes to bed. She even made an addendum to her nightly prayers..." may all my stuffies start to read some sort of book." Maybe once they break free from the stuffie mosh pit they'll pick up a book.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Box Caves

I bought new pots and pans the other day. I was pretty excited about the pots & pans, but the girls took to the boxes. They spent some time cutting holes into the boxes first. Then Maren lined them up close- hole to hole. Next gather the headlamps so the caves aren't dark and place them in the holes. They spent many minutes in the box caves, talking through the holes and just hanging out.

R & R

It's a rough life for the pets around here.
Lounging by the fire...
...personal grooming (note Charlie's drowsy eyes)...


...and couch potato movie watching.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Practice Presents

The tree is up and presents keep appearing for us to open.
Today I received a sock, two oranges and a plastic bag.
Just what I wanted!