Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A GREAT Visit with Pop-Pop

Pop-Pop came to stay with us for a week. We enjoyed dog park hikes...

typical silliness and

lots of stories for Sadie.

Dad got an Alaskan haircut and grew a pair of antlers.

He made good buddies with Charlie.
He is one hell of a berry picker!

And of course we got soft serve at Tasty Freeze...

and only Pop-pops are allowed to handout gumballs after ice cream!

Thanks for the GREAT visit dad!
Thanks for ALL your help and for treating us so well.
We LOVE you!

Sunny State Fair

We hit the Alaska State fair with Pop-pop this year.

We love the pumpkins!

Sadie rode a pony, but Maren was too big this year (her decision). I nearly wept. She was also too big for the children's garden this year. My girl is getting big.

She drove the dirt buggies instead.

And rode the big girl rides with Pop-pop.

Sadie had fun with Callie on the rides.

Beautiful, sunny day this year!

From Seed to Flower

We are enjoying the cosmos and sunflowers in the backyard that Sadie and Noel grew from seed.

Field Trip Fun

Pop-Pop accompanied Maren on her class blueberry picking field trip.

Ms. Teresa's 2/3 class

The boys accompanied Sadie on the field trip...

Should I be worried?

Find Pop-pop in the fog.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Up Near Point

Sadie leads the way (and continued to for almost half the way up)!

Tundra sledding

and crashing

This was Charlie's second time up Near Point and third mountain this weekend. He was pooped!

Time for School

When she was just a kindie...

now she's off to THIRD grade!


Vera Lake Fun

The Nelsons had us out to the cabin for some serious R & R.

Lounging by the fire after a hot sauna,

swimming in the lake and,

berry picking!

Bog Hike with the Nelsons

We paddled across Vera Lake and hiked through the bog in search of blueberries.

The girls found wood frogs.

Berry buckets turned into frog buckets.


We found grouse too.

Autumn Sights

Fly Agaric

Shaggy Mane emerging

Sun Dew

Poppy bud and...


High Bush Cranberry


Bog Orchid

Lowbush Cranberries and Crowberries