Sunday, January 30, 2011

Off On A Run

Up through Hemlock Knob Trail...
looking up toward Glen Alps...

follow the powerline to Glen Alps...

heading back down Middle Fork looking up towards Williwaw...

Down Middle Fork looking at downtown Anchorage

Looking back at Wolverine Bowl...

follow the powerline down by Stuckagain back home.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sweater Scrap Scarf

Finished this baby up today. Easy peezy. Now off I go to Value Village for more cheepo wool sweaters to recycle!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pink Ladies Meet Texas Cowgirls

David is home from Houston, TX tonight.
He brought the girls hats and the Pink Ladies are a little country now.


So we watched Grease the movie recently.The girls are so into the Pink Ladies right now. We are listening to the music and dancing and talking about the storyline ALL THE TIME! So here is Frenchie (Maren) and Sandy ( Sadie) pretending Grease. Frenchie even did Sandy's hair, just like in the movie!
Grease IS the word!

Banana Splits Baby!

After School Sledding

Sketch Bag

I made this today for a birthday gift. I am quite pleased. I made 5 drawing journals with recycled paper, old calendars and damaged books. I sewed a funky drawstring bag and picked up some pencils and a cool wood storage case. Wa-la! Handmade gift!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A MOST Tolerant Lab

Poor Charlie just can't catch a break with a wily kitty around.

What do you think he's thinking?

Family Dog Park Fun



and sledding!

Bear cub sighting too.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

POW!!! WHAM!!!

My first pillowcase and superhero books to go along with for a birthday.
Just call me Super Sewwoman!

Maren is in Second Grade

Maren's second grade classroom was open for parents today. Maren shared her portfolio of work and all that is going on in her classroom. The class performed the Eskimo Ice Cream Dance as part of their native culture study.

Maren showeed us the salmon eggs that have hatched into alevins. They have actually been able to watch them explode out of their shells.

She showed us her mask- an old chief spirit- she explained, made of porcupine quills and ptarmigan feathers.

She shared her native culture research and said she was most proud of her map work.

She read from her native culture book, about a brother and sister facing incredible challenge on the Yukon River. We were so impressed with her passion and enthusiasm for what she is doing and we feel so lucky that she is where she is.

Tot Ski-n-Sled

It warmed up to above 20 degrees this week and we finally got outside and had fun. ( We've been outside but it sure wasn't fun.) We hit the dog park so Charlie could exercise and Sadie could ski.

The dog leash came in handy.

After an out and back ski the kids got into the sled for some serious downhill action.

They screamed the whole way down until they stopped.
Then "Again! Again!"

Sadie was outside for over an hour- a new world record!