Thursday, August 30, 2012

Here We Go

11 weeks until the Chimera 100.
I officially began my training today, after one month off after the Res Pass 100. Actually I mark today as the start  of just getting in the mindset of committing to what I need to do in the next 11 weeks. I put a tentative plan in pencil down on the calendar. I climbed Flattop tonight after a CrossFit workout in the park today and had grandiose ideas about the next 11 weeks. Can I commit to do what it takes to be healthy and rested and work hard and care for myself  and head into Chimera stronger than I've ever been before? Can I balance family and responsibility and maybe work with training hard? Almost 28 hours at Javelina, 26 at Res Pass, can I continue to improve? 22,000 feet of climbing to get done in 100 miles. It's time to start climbing. I started with 3,510 feet tonight. As I climbed, I thought it might be something to keep track of this process, both the physical and the mental. So, here we go...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Roastin' Chili

It's Hatch green chili time!

State Fair!

Pony Rides

Cruisin' the main drag

Big kid rides

Sadie's favorite



First effort for me since Res Pass 100. Early morning Flattop climb. 
Lots of climbing to be done to get ready for Chimera 100 in November. 
Climb on!

Last Day of Summer

The day before Maren started school, we hiked up the rabbit Lake Trail to pick blueberries.
Tons o' berries!

Things in a Bog

Bog Blueberries

Bog frogs

Maren and Sadie

Cali Trip

Monday, August 20, 2012

Res Bay Overnight

To continue the birthday festivities with a family tradition, we hit Seward for a quick overnight. We camp at the top of the bay and play with the pinks and the tides. This year we explored the bluffs above the bay. We climbed up into a whole new world.

We saw an owl in the trees.

Our shell collector

Tide jumper

Heading out to fish for pinks.

She's NINE Now

Maren celebrated 9 years at the beginning of August. 
Our neighbor brought baby bunnies for the kids to hold.

Maren wanted an ice cream sundae bar instead of a cake and it was a HIT!

We goofed around after ice cream with scooters and bikes.

Sadie loves a good party too.

Last Summer Hike 2012