Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bluff to Beach

First hike of the summer season off to a sunny start!

Grove sandwort and 

serviceberry blossoms in bloom.

Beach picnic. Great crowd today.

Lots 'o mud to be had.

Tree climbing always fun.

Bear Mountain Views

My first climb up Bear. 
LOTS more to explore.

Knoya Overknight

Climbing mountains makes Charlie sleepy...

and happy...

and lovey

and frisky.

With the girls attended to, David and I backpacked up the Dome and slept there for the night. Hadn't had a backpack on my back for a bit and it felt good to get up high with my hubby.

Yup, Charlie got to sleep in the tent.

Our campsite.

Sheep Thrills

Thursday Evening Epic Run.
Route name: "Sheep Thrills"
We were being followed.

STELLAR evening.

STELLAR views.

First Wildflower Sightings 2012


Jacob's Ladder

Mountain Aven

Purple Oxytrope

Whitlow Grass

The Garden Show

Maren's end of year class play, "The Garden Show."
Maren played a tabloid reporter and had lines and actually sang in front of others!

She was super nervous, but she pulled it off.

Awesome handmade costumes and set!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

A LOVELY day complete with handmade gifts from the girls.
A flower and vase from Sadie and a knitted scarf from Maren.

The hike on the other hand was not as lovely.
It was nothing that hot chocolate, hamburgers and IPAs at Chair 5 couldn't fix!

David made me this AWESOME video.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Climbing and Swinging

New steps for tree climbing...

Dad put in a tree swing too.

SUPER fun!


Charlie likes the swing.

Maren found a headless moss turtle to ride.

Our Handsome Lab

Double Up

The next morning, post Epic, I hit Bird ridge with friends.

Fresh snow and fog

Charlie loves the views.

Unnamed Silliness

True to the Epic tradition, up starts immediately.

And the up continues.

The views are quite lovely.

But all the up makes you silly.