Monday, January 21, 2013

Sadie Does Downhill

Hilltop Ski Day

Sadie became an independent skier today.
All four family members can now ski without help.
What a day!

She wouldn't stop for lunch.

She loved skiing with her Dad.


Awesome day for Mom and Maren too!
I can't keep up with Maren. She is FAST!

My favorite person to ride the chairlift with.

Creme Puffs


Snowy Morning Dog Walkers


Second climb of the year
Harp Mountain
Eagle River

Had to take an "almost to the summit" shot, as conditions deteriorated about 2/3 of the way up. All turned to ice and even our spikes were not much help heading down.


First climb of the year.
Mt. Baldy
Eagle River

New Year's Spiral

Sadie's school welcomed the light in the new year during a lovely spiral walk.

Couch Buddies

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Dog Park Fun

Girls climb the mound at the dog park.

Charlie just gets so happy. He runs back and forth with a stick and greets every dog that comes his way. Then he runs back to me and leans on me as if to say, thank you for bringing me here. I can feel his appreciation.

The dog park is definitely a happy place for us all.

Sky Vision

Viper Den

The Viper Den has become a multi-room fort.

The girls crawl through a tunnel to the back room.

The Viper Den must be guarded by theses two security guards, Maerda (Sadie) and Horus
(Maren). The sticks are actually spears which are used for hunting grouse.

Mask Makers

One last creative project before school starts on Monday.
Maren got out the glue gun for some mask making fun.

She used whatever scraps of material she could find.

Sadie made " Mr. Monster" and...

"Rainbow Face."

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Skate Party!

What do you do when you're overwhelmed with Christmas clean-up 
and unpacking from a cabin getaway?

Have a SKATE PARTY in the hood!

Happy New Year!

Sparkler celebration for New Years!


Willow Getaway

We took a four day trip out to Willow for some New Year's fun. Lots of skiing, playing in the snow and R & R in the cabin.

We all made a snowman. The resemblances are uncanny.





The real Sarah & David

We drove up to Hatcher Pass and had a lovely ski up Archangel Road.