Monday, June 24, 2013

Growing in Hope

Devils Club


Red-berried Elder

Pink Pyrola

Ostrich Fern


Saturday evening at the end of the road- Hope.

Still running after a full day out and about.

Snuggles with dad on the creek

Walk down the Main Street  to shop at The Best Gift Shop in the World.

Good catch in Hope

View from the campsite

The campsite.
Charlie on guard.

S'mores were eaten.

Fairy treats made.

Sadie on the beach.

Maren has a siesta.

Duffy family fun.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mountain Goat Club

Hiking group tackled the back side of Flattop today.

Almost 20 kids made it up to the bench below the saddle Between Flattop and Peak 2.

The first group to arrive aptly names themselves the "Hardcore Group."
These boys gave me a good workout.

The rest of the crew arrived shortly thereafter.
And even though many kids were happy to arrive at a destination, six kids wanted to hike onto the saddle.

They were happy to find snow, and then,

the wind hit.

Proud ,strong group.

The views, the flowers, the wild wind and the sense of accomplishment made for a joyful group of kids! Climb on!

Birthday Blessings

On Monday, June 17, I turned 43. I spent the day in the mountains running and climbing with friends,

and the evening eating and visiting with good friends.

My day was filled with love and birthday greetings from friends near and far. The day was filled with sun and amazing views, good friends and hard work. Evening brought the people I love, good food and company. I was humbled by all  those that thought of me. It made for a very special day. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people in my life. 43 is going to be a very good year.

Recent Wildflower Sightings


Prickly Saxifrage

Pixie Eye Primrose


Trailing Raspberry

Wild Geranium

Father's Day at Yukla

We hiked into the new Yukla yurt at the Eagle River Nature Center for Father's Day.

It was over 80 degrees and pretty humid.

Sadie pooped out about half-way, but we were able to revive her.

She was happy to see this sign.

Charlie loved hanging at the river.

So did we.

The river was roaring and the view quite lovely.

David had a nice siesta.

Hiking out on Monday morn.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kenai River Float

Amazing day on the Kenai!

Silly river rats

Early salmon run we saw fish...

...but caught just this one.
We spent 8 hours on the river, saw mama moose and baby, young brown bear, eagles, harlequin ducks and a merganser family. Wonderful day!