Monday, June 03, 2013

Swan Lake Canoe Trails

A week late this year due to slow to thaw lakes, we set out from Canoe Lake #1 with the Nelsons to our special island getaway, seven portages in.

A couple of the water portages...

 We arrived 4+ hours later to an empty island.

The swing was installed and the swinging commenced.

Maybe because we hit the canoe trails a week later than usual, we did not see any human beings. Moose, porcupines, muskrat, red-backed voles and babies, swans, loons, yellow legs, eagles, trout, suckers, bullheads and dolly varden were what we saw.

It was quiet and restful and the weather held out for us.

Sadie caught the ONLY fish. We ate her dolly varden for dinner over the campfire along with an amazing flank steak- surf and turf.

She watched it cooking.

And had the first bite.

Fishing trip.
I stayed on the island the whole weekend. Nice to stay put.

A very favorite place those canoe trails.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a very cool adventure into the wilderness with lots of wildlife but no people.
Lots of fresh air and food tastes good outside.