Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Blame it on the sun, the warmth, the light. The weather in Alaska has given me a bad case of AK Summer Mountain Mania. We spent the last weekend camping  at Trail River. We explored a new area on foot and on bikes and sat lakeside in the sun for hours. Sunday's sunshine drew us down to Seward for beach time and bike riding. But as we got into town, my focus turned to Mt Marathon. From the distance of town, I followed the distinct trails with my eyes.  My return to climbing the week before left me sore and gimpy, but I knew the strength in my legs would return with continued use. I knew an ascent of Mt. Marathon was out of my reach, but the idea of a climb of as far as I could get would provide plenty of challenge and satisfy the longing to get up high. The climb was hard and hot and a little out of control. 
Last night, after a full day of mothering duties and chores, I hit Baldy with a friend. I huffed and puffed to the top. I didn't feel strong or fast, but after the desire to climb built up all day, I felt satisfied.  One climb a day, two days in a row.  Flattop, Peak 2 and 3 fill my morning schedule. Tomorrow we hit the Butte and Hatcher's Pass the next day. It's mountain season in Alaska.

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