Saturday, January 22, 2011

Maren is in Second Grade

Maren's second grade classroom was open for parents today. Maren shared her portfolio of work and all that is going on in her classroom. The class performed the Eskimo Ice Cream Dance as part of their native culture study.

Maren showeed us the salmon eggs that have hatched into alevins. They have actually been able to watch them explode out of their shells.

She showed us her mask- an old chief spirit- she explained, made of porcupine quills and ptarmigan feathers.

She shared her native culture research and said she was most proud of her map work.

She read from her native culture book, about a brother and sister facing incredible challenge on the Yukon River. We were so impressed with her passion and enthusiasm for what she is doing and we feel so lucky that she is where she is.

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