Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pirate Treasure Hunt

The kids searched for an old treasure left behind by the Crystal Lake Pirates ( an extremely rowdy and raucous band of pirates from Great Britian) while staying at Crystal Lake with our friends, the Martyns. Blimey!

They found bits of map hidden in various locations around the lake. We had to paddle and row from spot to spot, carefully following the map, all the while fearful for a possible pirate altercation. Heave, ho!

Luke, a legendary descendant of the Crystal Lake band, helped the kids piece together the old map. Son of a Biscuit-Eater!

Luckily, a neighbor assisted in our final approach for the third piece of map. He fired off an actual cannon-repeatedly- to scare away any pirates lurking in the trees. Shiver me timbers!

The kids were able to find the x marks the spot and actually dig up the treasure...Blow me down, the booty!

Yo, ho, ho!

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