Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The First Annual Hatcher Pass Marathon

I ran the first ever Hatcher Pass Marathon last weekend. 25 miles up to the summit and one mile down to the finish line. HP is one of my favorite places and the timing was right for a final slow and steady training run as I prepare to run the Resurrection Pass 50 miler www.respassultras.org on July 30th.

I had a FABULOUS support crew complete with kids, dogs, bubbles, cheering, snacks and music.

I met Jay and we stuck together on the course. He is training for Res Pass 50 too and his company made the miles melt away. He's powered by Pringles.

We had cloud cover all day with an occasional sun break. Perfect weather and sensational views.

At the finish line I was met with a cold Sockeye IPA and my lovely family. I felt GREAT- could have kept running . I ran smart!

Awesome outdoor shower at the Martyn's cabin post-race! This was followed by a steak dinner on the deck and an evening of R & R in front of the campfire! Thank you Martyn family!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on running the marathon!
That shower must have felt great...