Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Duffy Family Outdoor Games

 The Duffy Family Outdoor Games began about 10:30 at the Glen Alps trailhead. In 30-40 mph winds we all hiked out to Powerline Valley.

Very drifty and windy!

The girls still wanted to crawl around and pretend to be cats.

Maren and David changed into ski gear and off they went... 

...downhill to Prospect.

Sadie hopped back in the sled and I ran her back to the car.

We couldn't resist a little "cliff jumping" off the high drifts and berms. We drove down to Prospect and timed it just right to watch David and Maren skiing out the trail.

From Prospect, I ran to the Basher Trailhead and home. 
Lots of post-holing, crawling and slipping involved! Warm and windy!

Looking back towards Prospect. The lower trail where I ran and the upper trail where David and Maren skied. Super fun OUTDOOR GAMES and we took FIRST place!

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