Thursday, November 08, 2012

Sadie is FIVE!

Sadie Rose turned 5 on October 28th. This was a big day. She woke to tell us that her face was changing and her legs were definitely longer. "I've been waiting for this day all my life!" she exclaimed.

She had a very special celebration at school. She served homemade blueberry muffins and shared photos of herself at each year from birth to 5. We told her friends little stories about each year and lit a candle for each year. Franny, her teacher, gave her a snuffer and a beeswax candle so she can put her own candles out at home. ( This is her FAVORITE job- snuffer- at school.)

 On her birthday, her sister surprised her with her very own bunny. She named her Ginny...then Peach and now Ivy. Ivy seems to be sticking.
 She was very happy to have her own bunny. 
She has been reasonably asking why Maren has one and not her. 

We threw a big party with her buds complete with GIANT marshmallow roasting, a sundae bar and an Easter Egg hunt. She reasoned that we celebrate Halloween for her birthday every year and so this year let's try Easter.

She is BIG now. No more naps and kindergarten is next year. She has her own measures for what it means to be big.

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