Sunday, October 20, 2013

The First Annual Ultra Beer Run

Not sure if the ULTRA in this event title serves to describe the run or the beer consumption. Nine runners and four bikers started with a group pose and a cheers to a great start at Cheney Lake.

We departed shortly after 1 and headed west on the Chester Creek Trail.

A sharp right turn north at Valley of the Moon led us to the perfect stretching spot near downtown.

We enjoyed our first aid station with 2 pitchers of IPA and a third of an Octoberfest

These joyful, nitwit runners we ready to head south to aid station 2!

Happy, happy

Fun, fun!

We picked up another runner or two and off we went.

Bike security was awesome.

Aid station 2: The Bear Tooth
Where a table and more friends awaited...

After much beer and good cheer, we said goodbye to some friends and FIVE continued on...

The Spenard stretch got interesting after two beer stops. Bunch of wild chickens!

Mike thought this might be fun...

...but stinky, brown water wasn't such a good idea.

Thank goodness for Mike or we'd still be running around Spenard.
We picked up Anne and Terri on the Campbell Creek Trail.

He led us here and more friends were waiting!

Bernadette and Kim walked all the way from Cheney!

King Street proved to be the final stop for a few, but a few warriors carried on.

Yup, at this point it got really goofy.

Stephen was hangin' loose down Diamond.

We were getting closer to our final destination...

and we were all relieved and happy to be...

at midnight Sun!

The three survivors that made it from the start. 15 or so miles and I am not revealing how many beers later!

Great job Team Running Fun!
What a fun day of laughs!
You guys are the BEST!!!

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Janet said...

Looks like great fun! Is there a RUI charge in Alaska for running under the influence?