Sunday, June 07, 2015

Sunday Morning in Camperland

Up, out of the tent and  showered before 7am. Loonies in the laundry and the clothes getting clean. French press ready to pour. Robins hop and bounce across the grass and pull the poor worm up from the dirt for breakfast. The tiny asters begin their daily display and open ever so slightly as the first direct rays of morning light land on the ground. Girls sleep soundly; each on a far side of the tent, one curled in a ball at the end of her sleeping pad, the other mouth open straight as a board.

I thought they'd never get out of the water. They closed the pool- last one's in- at 9pm. This after a day that began 11 hours earlier in water. Pure childhood joy. Screams of fun, thumbs up and increasing episodes on independence as the water slides became more familiar. Refusing to take a break for lunch, we each chose a favorite water slide and rode it repeatedly.

Team Kamakazi
Team River Rapid
Team Waterblaster

We are sliders.

Afternoon in the pool, googles, doggie paddle, underwater for seconds at a time.

"Watch me. Watch me."

Hard to keep my eyes off them. Memories of my own vacations as a kid, I remember how important the pool is. I would have slept and ate in it if I could. My girls feel the same.

This trip is about them, for them as is all David and I do, but I see right in front of me why... Joy, pure delight and fun. The happiness oozes off of them and all over me.

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