Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Goodbye Geese at Goose Lake

Tot Treks met at Goose Lake today. It was chilly and the kids felt cold. They wanted to get into the sun and so we headed out of the woods and into the nearby field.

The field was covered in frost and it glimmered in the sun. The trekkers noticed this and thought it would be fun to make a trail.

They saw frost on the leaves and on the dandelions. One trekker noticed that all the leaves were gone from the trees except for one lone tree still dotted with yellow leaves.

We walked down to Goose Lake and it was observed that ice was forming on the edges of the lake. We watched the mist rise off the lake and agreed that winter was coming.

We read Goodbye Geese and just after I closed the last page, as if on cue, a flock of Canada geese flew overhead.

We hiked over to the beach front and found a good spot for our tent, for we were camping for the morning.

We built a campfire and the building of the fire led to

bark boat building.

It was decided that a cake should be made. At one point I heard conversation about a giant cake for a giant. One trekker collected and placed found objects on the cake and the other trekker decorated the cake with the tools we had on hand.

The cake-making lasted almost 45 minutes. We never returned to the tent or the campfire. I truly enjoy following the childrens' ideas and desires because I never know where we'll wind up. It is always interesting, even magical.

With about ten minutes left to our morning, the trekkers noticed we were camped right next to a play structure.

Let the jumping begin!

Lovely end of autumn day at Goose

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Janet said...

Looks like a fun day even in the cold.......