Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tot Treks: Baxter Bog Nature Walk

This week's trek took us on a nature hike around the Baxter Bog. It was a CHILLY morning. The leaves are off the trees and the sky looks like snow. We started our hike listening to the magpies, ducks, nuthatches and chickadees chirping all around us. The kids were very observant about how the season is changing. We came upon this frozen overflow and the ice begged to be broken.

Trekkers spent a long while cracking ice, leaving no spot un-cracked. I am always amazed at how long kids can spend doing something like breaking ice with a stick.

They spied this fort just off the trail and they led me in to check it out. We take turns leading the group on and off trail.

Sometimes I wander ahead and listen to their conversations.

"Bridges are good for crossing over and looking under."

The sun finally rose high enough and broke through the clouds about 11AM. It lit the trail beautifully. Four and five year olds notice these things.

We made our way to the lake and observed our surroundings.

Trekkers recreated what they saw.

"Ice, Sticks and Grass" (left)
"Bog and Sun Shining Colors" (right)

The kids collected twigs and leaves and sticks and made lovely sculptures.

Happy trekking!

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