Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bring on the Bear

After a weekend of watching 50 brave souls conquer the wilds of the Resurrection Pass Trail in the 50 & 100 mile distance; it is time to focus on my goal.

After an amazing summer of out of state travel, creating memories with my girls and visiting our family favorite places in AK; it is time to direct my energy towards my race.

After months of eating what I want, when I want, after a weekend of chips and M&Ms and donuts and Cokes and IPAs, after many, many days of casual glasses of wine and frozen mugs of IPA, after way too many nights of compromised sleep and a lack of good nutrition, it is time to create a healthy, well-rested mind and body to get this race done.

A friend posted the following words  and I took them to heart.

“Using the power of decision gives you the capacity 
to get past any excuse to change any and 
every part of your life in an instant." 
~ Anthony Robbins

I'd been worrying, beating myself up with 'shoulds' and putting off what I know has to get done. You can make a decision and change any part of your life in an instant. I know what has to get done. There is power in making a decision.

In the next 7 weeks leading up to the Bear 100, I will take care of my training and myself. I will eat well. I will rest well. I will train hard and enjoy it. I will work hard day by day, 'tree to tree.'

I won't get ahead of myself with worry or doubt. I will do what I can each day to make myself stronger and better prepared. I will try my best to stay in the moment and give my attention and my strength to what I am doing at any given time.

I know what I need to do and I know I can get it done. I believe in the power of decision.

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