Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Look Up, Look Down, Look Around

Its easy to get ahead of myself driving the kids to school. A straight shot across town, my feet on the pedals know when to brake and when to accelerate. My mind can jump ahead to the next chore or wander backwards to something I could have or should have done. The anxiety rises or the regret deepens. The van is quiet, but my mind is noisy. Look up.

Lately, I find myself looking around. I notice the details of my drive. I read license plates. I notice the grimace of the sleepy gentleman holding the sign on the corner. I observe four pigeons on one streetlamp and fourteen pigeons on the other. I see the bright sunlight of morning shining on the Sleeping Lady and the crowd gathered at the bus stop all staring down the road. Look down.

I am looking at moments, glimpses into my surroundings at this second and then that second and then the next. Sometimes I smile at what I see, or maybe begin a thought of wonder, but most of the time I feel this very pleasant neutrality. I take the vision in and let it go, only because I'm moving onto the next sight or observation. I am in each moment and there is so much to see. Observe the present moment. Look around.

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