Monday, June 18, 2012

The Joys of Camping

We took a family overnight near Seward this past weekend. David and I realized how big, independent and adventuresome the girls are getting. We spent hours relaxing and enjoying the girls in all their play. It was just last summer that Sadie needed support in climbing and finding and wanted more company from us. Now both girls explore their surroundings with little input from us.

We were entertained by their curiosity, bravery, ingenuity, imagination and general silliness. Above, sadie found a caterpillar in the truck and named him Fred. She talked to him all the way to Seward.

The girls collected snails and limpets on the beach.

They climbed washed up trees and cliff faces.

Back at the campsite they made fairy food. Fairy roll-ups were on the menu.

Sadie mastered tree climbing at camp.

The warm, sunny weather allowed for topless beach time and

dashing into the chilly water.

What good friends they are.

Maren found a large piece of kelp and tugged it around for awhile.
We were completely entertained (and relaxed) this weekend!

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