Monday, June 11, 2012

Kenai Canoe Trails

Let the fun begin- about to depart from Canoe lake on Friday.
Our camping spot is 7 lakes and 6 portages in.

The kids have fun looking for portage signs in the trees.

The girls are old enough this year to hike independently through each portage, carry gear and keep each other busy while Mom and Dad haul the big stuff.

Kenai Canoe Trails dress code.

The before-mentioned "hauling the big stuff."

Camp is on an island on Gavia Lake. Time to explore...

and fish

 and catch fish

enjoy the views...surrounded by water!

The gang is all here!
This year we joined the Nelsons, the Hyers and the Dittrichs for a fun filled camp. We shared food and wine, lots of laughs with charades and the disappearing leg trick!

Sunset late after 10pm.

We lucked out on weather with only one downpour. The kids loved pulling out the umbrellas and congregating under the tarp.

A play, " The Animals and the Mango on the Table" was performed before the adults turned the tarp into a charade stage.

Lots of swinging got done.

It was hard to leave on Monday with the fabulous, sunny day.

Last water portage as we make our way back into civilization.

We love the canoe trails. We'll be back again next year!

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