Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I traveled back east after my 95 year old Grandmother passed away recently. It was a bittersweet visit, as many of my trips home have been focused on spending time with her. We had a lovely celebration of her life and it was a lovely opportunity to visit with family and friends. For the first time in many years, my sister and I got to spend time with my parents; just the four of us. Dad made pizzas and  bought us an ice cream. Mom toured us around the garden and we walked the dog together. My grandmother's services brought many friends of my folks' and it was so very nice to see the support they have around them. I got the feeling folks were so kind to my parents because of the many kindnesses they have extended to others.

My Aunt Beth and Barbara and Uncle Don traveled from the south for the services. I think I was a teenager/young adult the last time I saw them and it was a joy to visit as adults. We have many things in common. It was fun to share our lives and interests. 

This trip also allowed a reunion with my cousins. I remember how excited I was as a kid to see them. We began our visit at the services and continued over beers and snacks at a local pub. It was nice to connect on our parents and Grandma Mary and our lives in other places.

My grandmother's passing gave us all the opportunity to be together.  
What a wonderful gift that was.

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