Monday, July 16, 2012

Third Plan's the Charm

Sunny Willow start after two failed attempts at floats. Our first fly-in plan fell through due to last minute plane repair. Our second idea to float the Susitna from Talkeetna was met with full, fast- moving water and sketchy river reports from other rafters. So, we drove south and found the sun and a mellow family float on the Willow.

Plenty of minnows and bullheads to catch.

Lovely campsite along the river

Marshmallow roasting after dinner.

More fishing of course.

Charlie was exhausted.

Sadie too. Maren, not so much.

We heard rain throughout the night and woke to very soggy conditions.

Charlie focused downriver on every stick and noise in the trees.

Wet, but fun. Our girls were troopers.

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