Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hatcher Pass Marathon

Awesome and AMAZING support crew in Maren, Sadie and the Martyn family!

It was super fun to run with David. David will run 38 miles with me in the middle of the night during the Resurrection Pass 100 and this was a good training run.

I'm a robot. 
I added miles onto the marathon pre-start and at this point I was feeling like a running robot.

Serious climbing. Over 4,000 feet elevation gain .

Always fun to run with Karen.

That is us down there making our way up and up and up and up.



Karen said...

I've got that same yellow shirt!! :) Your posts make me miss Alaska.

Looks like a damp training run, that's perfect training for Resurrection Pass, isn't it?

Sarah Duffy said...

Hi Karen
Where are you now? Tell me about the SOB 50K. The elevation change will be interesting!
I do think Res Pass will be wet. It is just my 2nd 100 miler and this one is much less supported and wild. But I am ready for the challenge. I have another 100 planned in So Cal in Nov. Cheers!